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What is root canal treatment?

May 25 2016 , Written by Jessica Cornelius

There was a time in the past when the only solution to all the tooth aches and tooth infections was having the tooth itself removed through a painful process. Times have changed. Medical science has advanced in possible directions and we are the beneficiaries. Now, right from restoring a broken tooth to replacing it, all kinds of treatments are available. One such treatment is root canal (RC) treatment which is pursued to restore an infected tooth.

Root canal is that part of the tooth which connects the nourishing nerves of the body to the hard part of the tooth. Though tooth may look hard and insensitive to touch, it is actually nourished by the body through a network of canals. So, the soft part inside the tooth is the RC portion or the pulp. Tooth decay may start from the top and it may infect the pulp portion as well. There may be other reasons for damage of the pulp and these may include dental procedures, cracked or broken tooth, and fillings. If only the hard part of the tooth is infected, then only that portion is removed and filled to make it level. However, if the infection spreads to the pulp part, there is a severe ache in and around the area. It may also cause spreading of the infection around, swelling and other problems.

Treating this pulp portion of the tooth is called root canal cape girardeau treatment. Generally carried out by an endodontist, the procedure is completed in a few sittings spread over a period of a few days. The infected pulp is removed and the canals are cleared and brought back into shape. The treatment is performed by injecting some kind of analgesic into the gums of the problem tooth. This reduces the pain the patient suffers during treatment. The patient has to keep his mouth open during the process except for those moments when the dentist permits him to close it.

Dos and don'ts
If you have any other problem related to your mouth like TMJ or something else, then inform the dentist about it before the treatment begins. After the treatment, avoid chewing from the treated tooth until the dentist advises you to do so.

Do you need RC treatment?
If you have a sudden burst of pain somewhere in the gums and teeth area, prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold food, pain spreading from gums to ear, and jaw area, then you may need this treatment. You should immediately consult a dentist. Other symptoms may also include discolouration of teeth and swelling of the face. Get more info on this website.

Is there an alternative to root canal?
Yes, there is, but except for some incurable situations, it is not an advisable one. If you don't' want to undergo RC treatment, you can have your tooth extracted. But it would leave a gaping in your mouth and cause bad bite. It would also cause other teeth to spread erratically. The gaping has to be filled with another artificial tooth. Now, in the first place why should remove your tooth if it can be saved by root canal treatment?

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